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What to expect in the sessions

The sessions will start at the same time each week and last for 50 minutes. I usually allow you to begin by talking about what's on your mind. You decide what to say, my role is to respond to what you say, perhaps making links between the current situation and potential causes in childhood. I may also challenge you to think about a situation in a different way.

We will work together to bring to attention repeating patterns of feelings, attitudes or behaviours, and understand how they came to be. Sometimes a resolution comes through understanding, sometimes through safely expressing emotions that may have been locked away for years. Much of the way our minds work was learned in childhood and it can often be helpful to explore what happened in childhood, particularly key relationships with parents and siblings.

I find a useful analogy of the therapy process is making a jigsaw. You bring the pieces and I help you to put them together into a meaningful and coherent picture. Sometimes there is some emotional energy associated with a particular piece that needs to be released, perhaps by bringing it into awareness, or perhaps by placing it alongside other pieces.

Unlike some other forms of therapy I don't bring a particular agenda, theory or pet solution. However I do use established methods for dealing with trauma. I believe that each person is unique and it is a joint task to gain a greater understanding, and with that some relief. I don't set homework, although if you feel it is helpful for you you may choose to do something between sessions, for example writing a journal.

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